Realization of ideas into practice over the years.

Innovations of Hans Kühn led under his technical leadership by means of a multitude of supported R&D Projects 1) gradually in size 2)  and deployment depth to ever more efficient, more energy saving and environmentally friendly developments for anchoring of offshore or other structures in the seaground. In the end a nowadays world-wide used operating  system 3) without competition was the result, which can  practically work in unlimited water depths and which has already worked in nearly 2000 m depth.

The success with these innovations results for the manufacturer, the MENCK GmbH, Germany, in receiving the Ben C. Gerwick Award 2008, USA, which recognizes innovations in design and construction of marine works.


 For this and for his continuously oncarried development suggestions Hans Kühn has received the prize for “Maritime Technology” of the Technology Region K.E.R.N. e.v., Germany.

One of these latter suggestions refers to an universally usable self-supporting, modular electric/hydraulic underwater power pack4)  as drive for tools of any type in deepest water also. It has been presented by the European Union in the framework of the Thermie-Programme of the “Directorate General for Energy” as a selected Technology for offshore use.

Tthis development has furthermore been nominated for the ONS 2008 Innovation Prize of the Exhibition “Offshore Northern Seas” at Stavanger, Norway. The development has also received support by the Ministry of Trade and Commerce of the City of Hamburg, Germany.

    1.European Commission, Directorate General for Energy                                  = 4 supports
    Ministry of Research and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany  = 7 supports

    Biggest submersible impact tool ever built of 3000 KJ impact energy and 500 to total weight, driven by an electric/hydraulic underwater power pack of 2240 KW capacity.

    3. Work system, at which the impact tool is surrounded by an electric/hydraulic drive unit like a girdle. Both elastically connected with each other and thus forming a compact unit of most easy handling fit for use in deep water.

    4. The power pack consists substantically of four parts only: Submersible electric motor, hydraulic pump, hydraulic tank and a connecting part, which combines all parts to a compact, independent submersible drive unit of low weight. Tested in a pressure chamber up to 600 bar surrounding pressure, which is equivalent to 6000 m water depth.